[XBOX] ]My Questions & Suggestions and a Thank You to Funcom

Ill start off by saying thank you Funcom for bringing CE to the Xbox One.

I have played CE with friends since release, on private, official and my own server. We have climbed up to endgame, been wiped, rebuilt and prospered. All in all the game is amazing and has well had great potential that you have already acted on. I also see Conans future to be full of wonder.

Yes their has been bugs and yes their will be more. I just hope to. see the game blow up like Ark did.

On to my first question…
Could the upcoming wipe be changed from a full wipe to only a map data wipe? Such as you have done before on PC allowing Characters to be kept but all invetories & structures to be wiped. I feel a lot of us still on xbox would love to keep our characters and save us from a few day XP grind to hit 60.

Do you have any plans to implement a Battle Royale mode like Ark had done with SOTF? I personally hate BR games & modes but i know it is insanely popular right now and would bring in more players.

Do you plan on bringing the game into Xbox Game Pass? I have no Clue as to how monetary it would be but their are some AAA games their now and i feel CE would be very popular on it. Its worth looking into at least.

Do you plan on amping up advertisement for the console release? I really hope you do as the game needs it. The people that know about but don’t play hated it for its bugs. They may return if they are shown its new beauty. As for the rest, not a lot of people know what the game is. When i advertise it they assumed it was a Conan the Barbarian single player game.

Any plans to polish up tribe management? Something as simple as roles would do. Maybe a lighter version of Arks tribe management. Admin Locks, Destruction permission and invite permissions would be all we need to combat inside raiding. Im sure we all would agree that we hate waking up to a demoed base from the guy in your tribe that wanted that chest loot and didn’t get it.

That should cover it, again thank you and may crom be with you :smiley:

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They’ve confirmed its a full wipe on official server.

I feel your pain. I have a few characters on different servers and I love them all. After seeing all the changes I just can’t see a way around a full wipe. RIP and “I’ll be back”. ( I know that’s not from conan but hey, it’s still Arnold.)

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