XBOX - No Room in Inventory & Inventory Swap (Item cannot be moved) Messages

I have an issue where if all slots are full in a wooden box and let’s say one of the slots is taken by 12 WOOD. If I try to add another 20 WOOD into the box (which should stack with the wood already in the box), I receive a message - NOT ENOUGH ROOM IN INVENTORY. If I take the 12 WOOD out of the box, it stacks in my personal inventory to show 23 WOOD and then I am able to put it into the box.

I have another issue where if I have feral meat in my speed dial and I select an EMPTY box or item from my personal inventory to swap into the Speed Dial to remove the feral meat, I receive a message - ITEM CANNOT BE MOVED. If I toggle my personal inventory between the different sort types (CUSTOM, NAME, HEAVIEST FIRST) then I will finally get it to work. I REALLY hate the fact that items I pick up AUTOMATICALLY go into my speed dial by default.