XBOX ONE - Can you move your created character from one server to another?

Can you do this and if not, will this be added in the future or is it as is indefinitely?

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No and No I believe.

Otherwise, what would stop me creating my own server and character, level it up really quick, then transfer it to your nice clean server? This wouldn’t be good at all.

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Short answer is no. Long answer is complicated.

So your character is stored in a database. Along with everything else in the map. You would need FTP access to the server to download the database of the server you are transferring to, and from. So here’s the steps:

FTP to the server your character is on, and download the game.db file.
Use a SQL browser to connect to the file.
Use a set of SQL commands to find every aspect of the character (stats, position, equipment)*
Copy those down.
Shut down the serer you wish to transfer to.
FTP to the server and download its game.db
Use the SQL browser to connect to this file.
Use a set of SQL commands to enter your character data into the new database.
Upload the game.db to the server using FTP
Restart the server.

*The set of commands needed is the part I’m not sure how to do. I’ve seen the character stats on my own server’s database using SQL queries, but its pretty complex and runs over multiple tables. You would likely need to choose a new entity ID that isn’t being used by another character so they aren’t wiped.

As you could see, the way characters are saved, it’d be a nightmare to program a means to easily allow for this.

Also you need a high admin access to a server, pretty much only owners of servers can FTP in. This rules out the official servers and many private servers (unless you’re running it).

Better way of transferring is copy down your level and gear into a notepad, and then make a new character on the server and ask the admin to boost your level and grant you that gear.

Nah. I don’t like my character that much. I will make sure that the home server I choose intends to be my final home. SQL is a pain, although I’m sure it’s doable, I don’t think I’m that invested to go to those lengths. Would that procedure work for XBOX players too on non-dedicated servers?

Potentially? I don’t have an Xbox, but if you can manually insert or replace files, I don’t see why not.

I’ve moved a local game.db file to a server, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work in reverse. And I since MS makes the Xbox (I actually don’t see why it wouldn’t work for PS4 either) its quite possible you could move a PC game.db to the Xbox.

Assuming of course the Xbox lets you move, change files in a game’s directory. The last console I bought was a PS3 and used it as a Blu-ray player… so my knowledge on newer consoles is limited in that regard.

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