Xbox One Hotfix (11.02.2019)

Good afternoon and happy Monday!

We’ve released a new hotfix for the Xbox One version of Conan Exiles. This one adds some crash fixes and a very important fix that should help fix an issue with unresponsive servers that the community has been reporting.


  • Changed how client and server executes player and NPC actions to avoid servers becoming unresponsive. Specifically it should significantly cut down on instances where interacting with the environment (harvesting and combat) did not work as intended.
  • Additional crash fixes

Hi, a concerned noob here from os # 2018
Five minutes logged in after 4gb update and the game is still crashing back to xbox home screen, what did you fix? If i go near the vicinity of another players base i crash. When mining or gathering the animations freeze and glitch out leaving me vulnerable. And what the hells going on with building mechanics?
Maybe it is some sort of connection issue but i seem to be fine everywhre else. These are just three of the problems ive encountered since coming back to this game and was half expecting them to be fixed with this update but obviously not, can someone tell me whats going on as the games nearly unplayable?
I bought this game when it first came out absolutely buzzing because of its potential and when i first turned it on it was awe inspiring. the scale of the map, the vast open world captured my imagination and was great for a whole five minutes. Then i quickly realised there was nothing to do. New games have these problems i understand so it didnt put me off. So i gave it a while and after six months and a few youtube vids i thought id come back and give it a go with my new found knowldge and to be honest…i am loving the pet system great job! and now ive researched on how to actually play the game as you never gave us much help to begin with and i was beginning to enjoy it, even started my own clan which was another step in my ladder of online goals which anyone whose done this knows it takes a bit of dedication and i chose this game to do it bugs and glitches included thinking these were just teething problems due to another patch and they would be fixed in an upcoming update. Have i missed it? Or is it still on its way? Im either reading the wrong threads or too stupid to follow a forum?, im hoping this is the case.
The problems im having are to me anyway basic gameplay problems and the frustration of constantly lagging/ crashing when i try to mine or fight or build is getting to me. I really love this game, well, enough to sign up and ask whats going on using a bloody control pad anyway and i cant help feeling im wasting my time with it,can anyone change my mind?
i apologise if this post is in the wrong place, its the first time ive felt i had to ask if a games meant to be fixed since i played ultima online and im not familiar with this forum, and i know a lot of other players have had to endure these problems too and a lot longer than me as well since ive only played for a few hundrd hours in total on and offline so any advise from a player or admin would be much appreciated.
i dont mean to sound ungratful as i know theres a lot of heart went in to this game but i cant wait another few months till these basic game functions work. Its breaking my heart. If there is a fix for this and ive missed it you can hit me with an iron pick but i feel ive got to moan because i/we payed money for to play this and i cant exactly drag thralls about on the xbox dashboard can i?
Thanks in advance to anyone who can steer me in the right direction.
Minax- Clan Red.

If the dashboarding happens immiediatly afyer logging on, load up single player and kill yourself then log out and start multiplayer, that always fixes the issue for me (i actually just do it anyway now as habit) if the building poblem you mentioned is the rotation glitch that throws you into fighting stance, i cant help you…bit if your having trouble placing pieces that there should be no reason it wont snap where you want it, switch to another piece then back (i use a wedge cieling tile to force snap pieces as its versatile and fits most anywhere) hope this helps, game is full of player found remedies like these, ive been playing since beta when things were much worse lol. Hmu if you have questions, i may have the answers you need.


Good day Funcom,

Any news on when the rotation fight stance Bug will be fixed. I can’t play the game like that it sucks. Hope you fix it soon hating not being able to play.

I did what you said and it has worked! Managed an hour logged on and it hasnt crashed once, hopefully it stays like this. Were learning to live with the building problems, and the lag before every action but will carry on best we can. Thank you for your help Ayla, youve saved another control pad from certain death. Much appreciated.

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Alya’s solution worked yesterday. I was able to login and play on my server after logging in locally and killing off my player. Hasn’t worked today and I haven’t been able to login into my server, I’m paying money for, all day. What gives?!

Hey there,

Our team is working on it and it should be included in our next patch for consoles. We don’t have any estimates yet, but we aim to release it soon.

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Thanks, hate not being able to play such an awesome game. Great work…

Hello, still have not received the [Xbox One Hotfix (11.02.2019)] from Monday this week. Or else not seeing any improvement to game for this fix. Has this hotfix been delayed? Thanks

Hey @barterhawk

This hotfix was aimed at a specific issue during online play. We’re still working on polishing a bigger patch containing many more general issues. You can keep track of our actual estimates in this thread:


Hey folks. I haven’t played for a couple of months and just logged in the other day to notice so many changes. The main thing I’ve noticed is the lack of named thralls. There’s almost none.
I know that you guys are trying to make a well rounded game and somewhat agree to removing some of the guaranteed named thrall locations. But I put a whole lot of hours in trying to get a named carpenter and still haven’t found one.
I’m not trying to complain or anything, but consider those who are just starting out and there’s a massive lack of named thralls. So when they come up against someone who has been on for more then 4 months, has heaps and can craft gear like nobody’s business.
I was still playing when you guys removed the guaranteed named thralls at the volcano but there was a higher chance at getting one elsewhere. Now, not so much. Are you planning on changing this at all?

Oh and another fix to the game constantly crashing is clearing your saved data. It used to happen to me all the time and now I do this and it’s fine. I once stayed logged in for 3 days straight.

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And something else that is making the game almost unplayable, is the rotate command when placing a tile. Used to be just click either trigger and it’d rotate. Now I’m supposed to hold the trigger which doesn’t seem to work. I’m always punching or kicking and that can be somewhat dangerous depending on where you’re putting a tile.

Also, please fix.