[Xbox One] [NEW] FRS Build N' Survive

Brand new Xbox Server, 20 Slots, 24/7 PvP, base damage is only 5pm - 23:59pm weekdays, 12pm - 23:59pm Weekends.

I have built an Arena and a Shop in the desert (close to a couple of iron deposits which outline a darfari camp, it still spawns). You can play 1 vs 1 with another tribe team member, Place bets on certain fights (using silver/gold coins), Take on survival challenges, The longer you survive the bigger the reward you get (Will be a certain quantity of resources depending on the tier of enemy you fight).

In the shop you will be able to buy any resources in the game using Silver/Gold coins or if you want to support the server you can also get resources using donation points, £0.01 is 1 Donation Point with most stacks of basic materials costing between 50 or 100 donation points, Refined materials will be more costly than raw material. End Game resources will not be sold! Any donations made goes directly to keeping the server running (£27.99 a month currently).

Harvest Rate 4x
Resource Respawn 2x
Crafting XP 3x
Deity Spawn Timer: 90 Seconds
Thrall Conversion 2x
Quick Crafting (2x for hand crafted and Thrall crafted)

Current Players: Server Owner, 1 Admin, 1 or 2 Randoms every now and again (no permanents yet).