Xbox One ( New update lost everything, had to start over )

after 15 tries at login with continue ( got kicked out to game start ) , I gave up and started new character. chose Khaln race with Ymir religion. Got to river, made a base, built tire 1 alter, made Hoar-Frost hatchet. Hatchet dose not work, harvest wood no ICE SHARDS. It has the exact same stats as my stone hatchet, and it’s made of IRON??? Without shards I can’t build tier 2 or 3 alters. so I’m screwed, no religion benefits. Next bug, no iron ore vanes in my area ( traveled over a kilometer in all directions, no iron no coal ). So I traveled to the right on map to the black hand ship on the bluff area to farm iron ore. built new base with all new crafting stations ( AGAIN). I was putting 150 iron bars and 56 brick i just crafted in my box by a wall in my house when I was attacked through the wall by an alligator. took damage and the head came all the way through that wall. accessed that box afterwards and everything was gone ( thanks). Target lock is ok, but why do I have to do it on ores and trees in order to even hit them? One last bug, the Jungle barrier is still up ( can’t explore that touted area. YEP, YEP, YEP, GREAT UPDATE!!!