[Xbox One] PVE-C Buildings Protected 24-7 PVP

[LNDN] Adult Gaming

We are one of the original PVE-C servers still running and setting a good example. Our Conan community has a Discord and active admins which work together to keep the server as drama free as possible. There is a unique economy within our server which carries over into our Discord chat. PVP is 24-7 with building damage turned off. Rules are strictly enforced and posted on discord. Stagnation is 12 days and decay is turned on. Yes, Conan Exiles is buggy, GPortal has a couple of issues and we ask our members to please keep in contact with us so we can forward all info we can to help get bugs into support tickets.

Our community is a group of adult players who simply enjoys letting go of the day’s stress with their console/pc. All of us play a wide range of games in the community and you’re welcome to join in and share what is fun for you. We ask that anyone who joins us please be respectful, kind and a positive gamer. No drama or baggage. If you have any issues bring it to the admin team first please. Thank you <3

Discord Referral Code: CCNWV6G

LNDN leadership won’t be monitoring this thread much for replies. Please either contact us via Discord, Xbox Live or Twitter. Thanks!

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aaaand to let everyone know: FRESH START! That’s right, today everyone is starting fresh. New builds, new levels and a race to find a spot to call home. Will you join us on PVE-C? Our Discord has grown a ton and our server’s decisions about what happens all depend on community votes. What do you think?

Come to the fun side! LNDN is waiting.

Stopping by for a bump on this April’s Fools. Seriously though, the server has been open to the public since August of last year.

What is the discord?

You’re welcome to join our Discord by typing the referral code: CCNWV6G

:rose: Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Moms out there!

Stopping by to bump our thread and invite you all to come visit! Remember PVE-C sits under the “ALL” server search until patched. :kissing_heart: Happy travels, Exiles!

[LNDN] Adult Gaming Community Discord

Stopping by to keep this post unlocked with a bump! Summer is here, new content is here and as always our server is up with the same settings and a helpful leadership team. Bugs are a possibility but we do our best to roll with the patches together. Hope to see you there!

[LNDN] Adult Gaming
24/7 PVP
No player building damage
12 day decay
Community rules on Discord

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If you’re in love with PVE but curious about trying a little PVP - join us! Our building and loot settings allow you to minimize your losses. There is no player building destruction and you don’t drop loot on death. That means you can PVP to your heart’s content without fearing that your recent mining expedition is in jeopardy. Worried about griefers? Join our Discord! The leadership team is always available to address concerns and enforce our community guidelines. Ooofff! Scary guidelines!? Not really - all of our guidelines are designed to keep our servers drama free and as enjoyable as possible. We won’t make you wear ruby slippers or mine a bunch of star metal for us. The only things we ask are that players respect each other and build in a way that doesn’t lag out the server.

Thanks for stopping by!

Howmany people are on the server? Im just starting to play again, played a bit when it first came out but didnt really get into it but fancy giving it another go

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It depends on the time of day but normally for busy hours we are around 25-30. Slower hours might see less than 10. We have a couple hundred members on discord and more who don’t visit discord but still play on the servers we host.

Just stopping by for a friendly bump! visit our server and our Discord! We would love to see your builds before summer ends. LNDN is now 1 year old and considered among the oldest server out there on console (: with dedicated admins and the same community guidelines. Think about that!