[Xbox One] [PvP] [US-E] - New dedicated server - "1000 Fly Eye"

Come join our server, titled “1000 Fly Eye”, where we wish to grow a community and just have fun without cheating or admin abuse. Everyone is equal here. Come chill.

Our server settings:
[PvP Building Damage] is limited to timeslots: [Weekday between 6-10pm ET] & [Weekend between 2pm-10pm ET].
[Resources] harvested yield [x4] normal amount.
[NPCs and Resources respawn] [2x] as fast.
[Thurst and hunger] are reduced to [10% when idle].
[Crafting speed] is doubled to [x2]!
[Purge] is limited to happen only between [6pm-10pm ET every day].

From all of us at 1000 Fly Eye, we hope to see you soon!

PS. Bring some Ale when you decide to join us, we need it!