[Xbox One] PvP/Voice Roleplay Clan

I am starting a voice roleplay clan on a server hosted by me and some friends. I wish to play fairly and play as a clan. The server is mainly PvP

Backstory to the clan: The clan is themed after the Vikings. The clan acts a little as war torn people. We are a hardy group mixed of races and personalities. The clans base rests in the cold area in the West side mountains surrounded by harsh winter climates.

What I’m looking for: I’m basically trying to have people willing to help with the backstory and other stuff. You must be willing to voice roleplay however. I will be making ranks in the clan per say for each individual thing. (Gatherer, Hunter, builder, priest, etc) which will each have their own name. As I work on the backstory of the clan I will add to it. Im also looking for a co leader as well. If your interested please contact me on Xbox (GT: o LadyNoein) or join the Server! Name: Silver Linings
For password PM me on xbox