Xbox one server stutterimg

Me and my wife just bought conan for the xbox one, now every official server we join constantly stutters regardless of ping. Is this normal?

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Have you tried playing single-player? I heard the servers can be wonky at times when people join or something.

Try single player off line for 5 min then switch to online server
This has been workaround since launch that works for alot of prople

unfortunately i just tried that and its still doing it. i cant play any official servers without constant stuttering. i got on an unofficial and it didn’t stutter but i would prefer to play official.

Ya it seems to get worse when there’s more than 12 people on servers to

What server you trying to join and us it pve or pvp or pve-c

PVP, US, and ive tried to join like 10 official servers now with no luck. unofficial servers are still good for me though its weird.

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