Xbox One : Single Player Crash ... How recover my level?

Game mode: Xbox One,Singleplayer, mode solo
Problem: [Crash |
Region: Europe-Belgium

Hi everybody,
I like this game very much, but on the 30 Jully i have a big crash on the game when i start the game, the same as all days

  • go on solo/co-ops
  • push X for the solo and… oh big surprise i’m at the beginning of the game when we need to choose man or woman grrrrrr
    I have playing hard for build my character and i"m at Level 39+, Build a fortress and create more of 20+ pnj guards all with armors.
    So the question for developers is : how can i recover my statuts on the game, hope you understand i don’t want to re-start at the begenning. thanks in advance for the feedback ^^

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Start the game
2.go on solo/Co-ops
3. Push X for single player
4.crash i’m at the beginning of the game

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