[XBOX One X] Magnus' Sneak crashed game in Izza & Falla (+ Other requests)

After clearing out the entire group of Ghouls in Izza & Falla, I lost an hour of progress when Magnus’ Sneak crashed the game while fighting the Polis-bots. I’m not sure how reproducible this bug is.

I’ve not had any other bugs at present but I can confirm that this game makes the Xbox One X run pretty hot (like AAA-X-Enhanced-titles hot).

Finally, I’d also like to add my voice to the people requesting increased subtitle font sizes. They’re unreadable if you’re not sitting 2 feet away from a PC monitor.

Thank you!

Apart from the bug, I’m confused by how you lost an hour of progress. Did you do a bunch of scrap/weapon finding between your last fight and the one that crashed? I ask because it makes an autosave after every fight ends.

I’m not sure why that would be confusing? The last autosave was when I entered the area, actually. Then I snuck around scavenging and mapping out Ghoul numbers and movements. The battle itself was long, with the shaman calling in 3+1 reinforcements while my team held the chokepoint on the roof and picked them off slowly. When the Tank finally succumbed to injuries, the polis-bots entered the field and the battle went on for several more turns before the game crashed.

Anyway, I repeated the battle, and this time the polis-bots actually joined in much earlier, resulting in a 3-way. I noticed that the polis-bots have pretty cheap programming : they will always preferentially attack your party as long as they have valid line of sight. I just watched one of the Polis-bots ignore the Marauder right next to it who was hacking away at it in order to repeatedly shoot at Magnus, who was lying there knocked out by Tank and therefore posing absolutely no threat to it.

I didn’t have Magnus use Sneak this time, and there was no crash.

The confusing part is that when I read your OP, it sounded like you were talking about two distinct battles (ghouls first, then bots).

Understood, now. And yes, that very much sucks.

I save in-fight if every time I get rid of an medi-bot or any other important defeat in a fight in different slot.