[XBOX ONE X] Structures Appearing In Air, Not On Ground! WTH?

So I haven’t played my game in a few months (6 to 7), mainly because I was mad that I spent lots of time building a base only for the server admin to shut it down. So…

I logged in because a friend said there were some major changes. Love the changes and new stuff by the way… However, I noticed there were two new areas so I went to check them out. When I teleported into them, the structures were basically invisible and I saw random elements floating in the air. The beasts and NPC’s were on the ground in what looked like a gigantic open field.

Now I know that is not how that area was intended to look. I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced this or not, but it’s happening to me. Would anyone care to share any ideas on how to rectify the invisible buildings???