Xbox Patch (04.07.2018) - Exploits, Thralls, Decay Updates

Just… Funcom product is s h i t t y.


Oh… After reinstalation… Still kicking from multiplayer. ■■■■ you and your game funcom.

Ill try to play after a year without this crap.

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Try the offline trick. It works for me every time.

I love this game so much but it would really help players like me if the crashing issue can be addresssd and be made a priority above all else. Little updates are cool and all, but I’ll never see their potential if I crash as soon as I take one step after spawning.


I don’t see a quarter of the issues people are talking about. I played 13 hours the day patch came out. It seemed to run smoother to me. I only dashboard once in 13 hours.its my guess it’s only certain servers or even players internet. I play on several servers and have little to no problems.

Xbox Singleplayer: no crashes ect.


  • direkt looting with Y won’t work sometimes
  • windows takes long to open

And please fix the asynchron sound and the missing weather it’s killing the gameplay

Hopefully before another dlc comes out that brings new bugs with it

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Sometimes it works. Just sometimes. I just wanna play a complete game. Not crashy one

On a positive note, I can once again skip the intro movie.

Please for the love of all that is holy fix the looting. I now have to open a dead body (NPC and a player) to loot all. This is a very crap bug/mechanic for PvP. It is really hard to fast loot while in a 12vs12. If it’s suppose to be this way then tell us so I can adjust my play style a bit. If not then fix it. It’s broken as hell.

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@Tascha I’m taking it that the XBox One version won’t see another patch until August? This unstable game issue with crashes really sucks. I’ve been using the outline single player temp fix to help, that and making sure I’ve got at least a second set of everything I wear and carry out into the world at large, but would really like to be able to rely on the game not crashing and taking all my gear and lot with it.

Also, the bug with your corpse not appearing after you die really sucks too. I’ve lost plenty of loot to this bug too.

But I’ll be staying with the game, really love the combo of survival and Conan fantasy setting.

I have found that when my body disappears if I take a bed roll to the location and pull my bracelet it makes my appear 9 out of 10 times it might work for you also. It’s worth a try. also been able to locate body by crouching down and scanning the area and when I pass over my body the inventory will pop up.

The game still crashes WAY too often.

I am now finding that, while in single player mode, every single resource in the world is gone, so that is no longer even slightly interesting.

You’ve never played the game … or you’re lying, my guess? You’re a liar.

Lol, in my single player there’re no Npc’s, Funcom …what a joke they are, and incompetent JACKASSES!

Any way you could add more commands to xbox one admin panel. I know you added the decay timer but there is no info on how to use it and peoples bases (including mine) on my server are allowing the demolish option in 1 day so a command to destroy bases would be great instead of using a timer. Also my decay timer is on default so i don’t know why every structure is decaying so quick. I don’t know if putting or down will fix it as there is no info and i’m using gportal.

Also some other commands like the option to teleport to players and to teleport players to you would be good.

I am really enjoying this game so far and i don’t care about the crashing as i don’t lose any progress as i do with ark.

When will the taming update come?

Actually you CAN use the pc commands on xbox… just plug in a usb/wireless keyboard to your xbox and press ~ ;p

thanks for the patches and updates. love the game. I did notice that a friend from a different clan was able to harm me with an explosive mine on PVE for the XBOX. I don’t know if this has been addressed but figured I’d bring it up.

Did they increase the amount of decay time with this last patch?

I noticed all my structures have a 407 hr Decay timer now…