Xbox Patch (09.04.2020) - Vivox, Hannuman's Grotto and dashboarding fixes!

Try a yellow lotus potion some times the game can do that on a new patch also if you on official wait tell sever restart and see if that helps as it has in the past but it was proven a server issue in past though I’m not saying that it cannot be a bug to clarify but do let us know if that doesn’t work

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I thought I was crazy. I’ve posted everywhere I can think of to find out why it’s gone. I’ve played on it for 3 years.

No it’s not whiny to expect a product to work as its spose to. I constantly get disconnected, dashboard and experience terrible issues that would make me quit a lesser game. You lose everything in the event of your death in conan and when it’s from technical issues that makes it all the more frustrating. My advice stop claiming you fixed issues until you’ve proven you have fixed them. I had worse issues today after this patch than I’ve had since the last. If anything the problem has become worse with whatever you did this round. Other games dont have this issue and I suggest you get more qualified people in place with better understanding in the field to fix these persistent issues. I shouldn’t have to wait for November and buy a new platform for this to happen.

are you gonna stop playing though? did you stop playing? if you’re still playing then your bar is as low as mine and just want to complain instead of accepting the game for what it is. I accept it for what it is and I accept the fact that I have no control over these technicalities and that I also have limited knowledge in the general field of video games much less coding therefore having no right to say what funcom should or should not do much less judge them for what they do/do not do.

if you don’t like having to jump through hoops to play then don’t play simple as that. this game is a living entity. it will constantly change and evolve and bugs now will be fixed in the future and in the future there will be new bugs that we can’t even think of right now. it’s how these types of games work.

There are different crashes mate, most of my players dc regulary especially when alot of in and out of big bases
Xbox1x lasts a lot longer…

The bug they hope to have fixed is the one that requires singleplayer offline in order not to chaincrash on login.

Lagging or regular dc s after playing a bit is probably the same …

Actually I did stop playing…been on Atlas all day enjoying a game that works. And I have every right to complain when I’ve spent money on not just the game but every DLC so far and have been playing the game since beta. So when I spend money on a product i expect it to work. I knew there would be problems during the beta but after “official release” there shouldn’t be these problems. Not to mention they should not even called it the official release since there are still journey steps you can’t achieve that have been listed in the game since I started playing.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the heck out of the game when I can play it. It just becomes more frustrating when I read the patch notes saying they fixed some of the issues with dashboarding then I try to play and am not able to. I literally loaded the game 8 times…8! And every time I loaded into the world within 5 to 15 seconds I get dashboarded.

Anyways back to atlas,

Will this update stop people from building inside dungeons?? Because that ruins the game, big time

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Scumdog, does doing sp offline fix it? If you crash regardless, you might just have another crash issue. Like a mate with xbox one x making a megabase that crashes everyone with a regular xbox on login :joy:

I tried that…didn’t work…haven’t tried to login yet today to see if it magically works yet. Maybe I’ll get to it later.

Update: got about 15 seconds in and dashboarded again…today is not looking to be much better I guess. Trying again now…

Update 2: and I’m still on…finally!

Ya I stopped playing because its unplayable lmao.

You should sell used cars. Give them nonsence logic like just change the spark plugs everytime before you start, if that dont work rotate the tires, if that doesnt start it try a new battery. Hey, it’s a cool car when it finally runs why are you complaining? Lmao why are you carrying water for such ridiculous logic. Ark does the same thing as conan on a larger scale with half the issues. It can be done better and as a paid product it should be done better than this. Stop apologizing for sub standard performance.

unplayable? that’s cool. me and my mates play every day for hours. I don’t know where you get the idea that its “unplayable”. good luck to you on ARK friend!

Its unplayable because I cant log on. Making the game unplayable. I mean I’m using plain simple English here.

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Alright here’s the bottom line to help you developers solve you’re problem can’t seem to find the issue with console and why it’s crashing so much don’t want a bad rep for you community or game? give everyone there refunds switch back to ( game preview ) hope for the best… I wasted 50$ dollars to now realize that you can now buy the game for 20$ That’s really shameful in a sense part of me as a player regrets getting this game but lucky for me and you single player is holding up its bargain… Fix you’re act and game! or give people there money back!

They are legally covered, and can refuse to refund any sales of this game, because they hide a disclaimer in the user agreement…call microsoft, i hear they are more open to refunding players for this game…they know its broken…

I’m constantly crashing instantly when I join my server 2104. My character died and is in the dessert. I’ve redownloaded the game multiple times and it only affects me on that specific character. please help!

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