Xbox pve-c build server looking for players

Hey all! I have a ten slot Xbox pve-c server, looking for builders to populate. Have 2 months payed up and am planning on renewing when time is up. Some of the key settings: building destruction is off, 4x harvest, 2x xp, bodies do not stay in world, keep items on death, pvp enabled for arena battles (once one is built). Willing to change settings based on player feedback. No blocking spawns, points of interest, recipes, obelisks, dungeons, etc.

I’m an avid builder in the game, just looking for other like minded builders to show off their creativity. New players are welcome! I’ve been playing for a while and can teach you the in’s and outs.

DM if interested, or respond to this post and I’ll get back to you!

Just a few of my builds on the sever:


Sweet Jesus, those are magnificent. You built all that on a 4x harvest rate? I might try out the server. What’s the name?