XBOX - resource farming issues

My friends and i have found the following when using tools to farm resources.

The alter items such as the dagger axe and such are not returning the hearts, ice shards…

Pick axes are not returning Brimstone from the rocks or the stalagmites in the lake. It still does give Salt sometimes like before. Still able to mine stone, wood iron and everything else. normal picks work with no issue on brimstone.

could not find information that there were design changes to these items.

Thank You.

The religious items are currently bugged and are not harvesting at all. As far as I’m aware all the religious tools and weapons are bugged for whatever reason. Funcom is aware of this and are working on it.

As for the resource harvesting, what tools were you using to farm brimstone in the lake? I was just there farming brimstone last night with a steel pickaxe and had no issues with the harvest. Try using a couple different tools and see if that helps. They also changed the hitbox for the tools when they changed combat so make sure you’re facing the node when you farm it or even use first person mode as that seems to be more accurate in hitting the resource nodes.

You could also try clearing your hot bar completely as some people have had some issues with things not working on their hotbar until it’s cleared and reset.

Just some suggestions to help narrow down the issue some.

Thank you. Didn’t see the Religious tools were not working so thank you for update. the nodes would break normally so i was hitting them but nothing was being gathered well the occasional salt would drop but that was it. When i used other tools it worked with no issues. I will test again.

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