Xbox right trigger and left trigger stop working after a few hours of play

This has happened to me twice today…one on my private server, then once on a public server…

I am unable to use any weapons or tools. After about 4 hours of play, the triggers stop working. I thought it was a problem with my private server, so i started building in a public. Same thing after about 4 hours…no trigger function. Built another new character in a different server…triggers are fine, but its another brand new character.

Not sure what to do next…cant play…dont want to invest more of my free time into building another character that ends up unplayable.

Same thing here. On rented server. Tried removing all items from the wheel. No fix. Annoying bug. Currently unplayable.

Made a new character on a different public server / local single player game, no problem.

Rented server character unplayable, can’t attack or engage in combat.

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