Xbox Server #2875 need help, Alphas Blocked Brimstone!


So im playing on a PvP Offical Server and the Alpha tribe whom we Did attack a small base of theres decided to block the entire Brimstone lake spawn. and even Tried to frame our clan for it simply for trying to challenge there server as they put it. they had one of there members leave there clan and started a new one . Our Clan is called Kumakans and they created a clan name similar to frame us adding a Symboled A near the end. the Alpha clan name is Cobra kai and one of there leaders is a guy named MonkBlitz, thats his gamer tag. i have screen shots of him admitting it and everything he has done in just destroying any chance of PvP on this offical pvp server. we need some admin Help and i cant get this fourm to private message!!
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