***Xbox Server*** Black Rose***Everyone***Wanted***

Looking for a new calm server to play. Looking for players to enjoy the experience of being an Exile. 99% of map is still up for grabs to build. There are 2 admins who are very active anyone who is new will receive a starter kit. Allow time for admins to give the starter kits or let admins know you joined.
Server is PVP but is very calm and relaxed you wont be raided or attacked by the admins. No bullying will be tolerated.
Server includes:
3X Players xp
3X aninal conversion speed
3X Harvesting speed
Keep inventory when you respawning from dying.
Changes through the week
Starter kit includes: steel pickaxe, steel axe, steel weapon, light armor, gold, silver, building material if wanted and your choose of a level III thrall or animal which includes a horse, elephant, bear, rhino ect…
Starter kit will allow or a better start of the game. Hope to see you there.