XBOX Server Recruiting - Ragnarok PVP

We are currently seeking active players to join our community! ​ We offer: ​

-Increased experience from all sources

-Increased Harvesting Yields

-Durability on all Tools, Weapons and Armor turned off

-Starter Package for all new players (Steel tools, Steel weapon of choice, set of medium armor and housing kit)

-Tons of Prime PVP real-estate available! (our clan is centrally located not super spread out)

-No griefing

-PVP immunity for low level players

-Community Map Rooms Conveniently located -In work community trading hub for exchange of goods (sanctuary area)

-Arena for dueling or boss events! …and more to come!

​ We encourage full out PVP in the field, raids on bases etc but most of all we would like to build an active community for those that love the game!