XBOX The Unseen Boosted PvE Adventure Server

The Unseen is a new 10 slot private PvE adventure server on Xbox only. We are looking for 1 or 2 small player groups to join the 2, sometimes 4 of us currently using the server. Moderate boosts include 3x XP, 2x havest & 50% crafting cost, stamina use reduction, pet raising time reduction, and thrall/structure abandon disable, all other settings are official. This will be a purge enabled server, with possible colosseum battles later. This server has been tuned to cater to adults who prefer a relaxed, narrative driven, coop approach to Conan Exiles. Creatives, introverts and role players welcome. 1 rule: don’t mess with other people or their stuff. We find the Xbox UI convenient and accessible and thus do not use discord. Reach out to me Otoha0309 on Xbox, for more info on joining The Unseen!

Hola, sigue activo?

Hello! Is the server still active?