Xbox. This game would be great, if anyone could actually play it

Desktop crashes plague me and my friends to the point where over half of us have quit entirely simply because we can’t even log into the damn server. I spent an hour this morning trying to log in. Every time the server would load I would be awarded with a 3 second view of my character, and then the game would crash to dashboard and I’d have to start over. 20 times in just over an hour. Finally, the server was restarted. I logged in. I didn’t crash. My excitement was through the roof, I could play again. I took out my pick to harvest some stone. That’s weird, I can’t swing my pick. Tried my axe, same thing. Tried my swords. My pike, every single thing I own couldn’t be used. It’s absolutely astounding that the devs would allow such a major set of bugs to go untouched, while they shove content down out throats that we can’t even use on Xbox(the new regions are on the map but we still can’t even get into them) I spend upwards of 1-2 hours of my day simply trying to log back into the game after repeated crashes, or simply trying to fix the unimaginably stupid issues the game is having, that shouldn’t even be there in the first place. And the devs turn a blind eye to the hundreds of customers they are losing, and simply shrug and say “Early Access” like that’s supposed to cover for their inability to fix problems that should be pushed forward immediately instead of trying to give us more weapons. There’s no point to a new combat system if I can’t even log in to enjoy it.
And before you ask, I have tried literally ever possible solution to this. Playing on another server, allowing my server list to load fully before opening, opening dashboard while the server loads, uninstalling, clearing cache several times, restarting Xbox, restarting the server, playing another games multiplayer mode, etc etc. It’s starting to seem that the only way to fix all of this is by simply saying **** it and giving up on this game as I watch it turn into Destiny 2.
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