[XBox][US][40 Slots][18+] Wrath of the Black Circle (RP PvP)

-Breakdown and basic info-

SERVER NAME: Wrath of the Black Circle (RP PvP)
COMMUNITY: Roleplaying / PvP / PvE
(We also assist new players as we have a PvE starter area to get them acclimated)
PLAYER SLOT: 40 (currently up to 12 active players)

  • Some settings to reflect RP condition we have were adjust to accelerate player progress a bit more then default servers.
  • Presently dying will not mean you lose your items but it like everything else is subject to change.
    SERVER REGION OPEN TO: US/EU Players (mostly US players currently)
  • Have access to a Xbox Mic (you can RP through Discord)
  • Have access to a Discord App (Phone or PC)
    (If you do not have access to Discord but still would like to play on our server then message me)
  • Be 18yrs of age or older.
  • Everything is displayed on our invite only discord. We will be continuing off a story we had prior to the huge May 8th update and previous server.
  • GODS are turned off. The roleplay dictates a lot of current events in our server but there are other restrictions once you send us a PM we will make you aware of so everyone enjoys themselves.


  • You must message of of the admins via XBox (DJ J1NRE1) or Discord (Jinrei#1259). You can ask a ton of questions if you like directly to one of these.
  • Will kind of be interviewed to make sure our active community is the right fit by going over the server rules and the does/don’ts. SIMPLE!
  • When you get the Green light, you will be invited to the discord server where you will display your XBox GT (gamer tag) and your IGN (in game name) and put a backstory etc etc.
  • Currently the server is public and you will see a message appear about some stipulations as a reminder. The reminders are basically what has been shared here.

More details can be asked via messaging me through Xbox or Discord.

Tried to keep it simple to not bore folks. We’re a lively bunch and SUPER active all the time with our interactions of female/male player community we ended up building up. And if this game is still fresh for you because we’ve been playing since PC Game Preview days… we will help you out in an RP fashion.