[XBOX] Vale of the Fallen | PVP | 3x Harvest, 2x XP | Discord | Active Admins | Weekly Events | 18+

Active admins to help in any way we can

Admins play alongside the community in a standard base like normal players

Discord server

Weekly events

Event results tracked and displayed in discord

Admin run store (Gold coin currency)

Kingdom warfare system

Map rooms provided at Obelisks

Neutral zone for newcomers and RP players alike

Optional RP

3x Harvest

2x XP

Hunger/Thirst rates reduced .5

Player dmg multiplier 1.2

Friendly Fire .2 (decreased FF damage)

Item durability .5 (increased durability)

Item Spoil .5 (Increased spoil times)

Crafting time .4

Thrall crafting .3

Fuel burn time x5

Please join our Discord: invite code uujUM3Q