Xp loss with no replacement gg

Wtf is worng with you funcom. Is your bug f8x plan to ruin your game and make people quit.??? I mean you take away the only viable xp gain in the game with nothing to replace it. And before people start yelling journey at me in the higher levels it takes 4 to 5 to get a level I did every single poi and over half my journeys I’m at 43 I went and spent an hour killing npcs got 30% of a level built 50 t3 foundations got 4 % soo what is the answer here spend a month reaching cap while those who are capped screw us over because we don’t have the points to fight them
I’d really like an answer here

I’d like to give you one, but your post is rather incoherent. You’re too full of mad. Go take a deep breath. Pet a puppy. Come back and try again.

I cant even tell if hes talking about SWL

Lol well this is awkward somehow it took me to the worng fforum I was talking about conan exiles lol

I’ll move it over for you.

Thanks lol I was upset

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