"xx_ability bags"

Does anyone know if the item bags like “XX_tchotcho_lama_eyeblink” and others are safe to use on the player character? They won’t corrupt my server using them?

Perfectly safe. I’d stick to using them in Singleplayer or Co-op only however. Why? The instant you begin using movesets designed for npc’s or monsters in any other server type where it may affect the enjoyment of other players, expect bug reports, hacking reports on forums or getting reported on zendesk etc.

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Whys that?

It’s an npc only ability, meaning you as a player shouldn’t have access to those abilities in normal gameplay. I suggested singleplayer and co-op mode if you’re intent on using it as it won’t affect other players.

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What way does it effect others?

It’s essentially an exploit, if you were to aquire it randomly on say, an official server and started using it, you’d be breaking the ToS. Stick to using npc only stuff to sp mode where it won’t interfere with other players. Take GTA Online for example, at one point a few years back, a few players had used exploits to bring singleplayer mode only cars into Online. Rockstar found out and banned the players.


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