So I raided a clan last night and in one of their chests I found an item called “xx_modkit_buff_vitality”. I’ve only seen this item in a horse when I spawn it as admin. Are these guys cheating?


Not for sure. Such pet “buffs” and “attacks” do appear in pets’ inventories from time to time.


Not necessarily. My horse suddenly had one of those on him earlier today, and I wasn’t using admin commands or mods or anything.

My guess would be something like that happened to one of them and they stuck it in a chest because they didn’t know what it was.

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Cool, tnx.

When I was playing testlive the xx_modkit_buff_(attribute) was dropping in chests located in the Unnamed City. They had no description or way to use them. Perhaps this is how the clan acquired them too.

I play single player without mods.

I just found one in an iron chest in the Nameless City.

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I already writed about this, i got 2 answers, cant find anymore that topic but as far as i got answers

1 one was - Those are items that are not in game just yet… but taking place already in game

2 other one about animals - long known bug that rhinos, and horses and animals somehow still manage to spawn they animations in they inventory as actual item, but so far they are not in use so u can just throw them away…

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Put it on a weapon and see :slight_smile:

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