Y no Hotfix for No Owner 21 days later


Game mode: [Online |]
Problem: [| Bug | ]
Region: [United States]

Please, its been weeks now that the thread has been closed with a promise to correct. (Ref: No Owner Still Not Patched) apologies, im not allowed to link.
Will we have a new DLC and the same PvP issues? There are so many wonderful aspects of this game, but giving trolls free reign will surely ruin it. Getting door glitched and offline raided is one thing, and not knowing where to go wipe them after is worse. Not accidentally wiping some innocent newbie in the process would probably help our low server population issue.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Walk to any clan built structure’s door
  2. Observe “No Owner”


Everything I have heard(So it could be wrong) is that the devs are considering keeping building ownership anonymous. An unintentional but interesting outcome from the last major patch. It’s annoying but it does force some players to put up signs if they don’t want alliance clans blowing into them. At least the log will show who has done what(also controversial) allowing you to seek that player(s) out and follow them to their base.



I have not heard that anywhere…Last I heard the previous patch was suppose to fix it but didn’t so they were looking into it.



@TLCTEX is wrong @Scumdog1980, when the next patch rolls out for zbox, we will be on the same page as PlayStation and PC.

The “no owner” bug was fixed and looks like it will be staying that way for all platforms.