Yamatai DLC Next?



Man…what a wasted chance to use
“My cousin’s sister’s brother” reference. XD


Uh I just got an HP Pavilion that I crammed a fancy graphics card into. I don’t remember what kind it is, I think there was a picture of a tiger on the box.


Father’s, brother’s, nephew’s, cousin’s, former roommate is what I was thinking. :smile:


So many people unhappy about the games current state, and here I am with 2.5k hours loving that a new DLC is coming because that mean’s funcom is still dedicated to working on the game and still generating money off of it to bring more updates, bug fixes, and content… Though I am somewhat biased since 2.4k of those hours have mostly been in roleplay/building servers where game mechanics and good fps are less important.


Im with you, I love this game, bugs and all (seems to be the new norm for games anyway)

I will gladly spend another 13.99 CDN for the next DLC


Just a heads up to the developers, Savage Sword of Conan is NOT considered canon. JTtheDestroyer is right in that the land debuts in SSOC#194.

If you include this as DLC, you can include he-man stuff too.


There is a difference between lore and canon.
canon–a collection or list of sacred books accepted as genuine.

lore–traditional knowledge or belief

He-Man would be neither of those.

This game is not canon by any means. it just pulls from the lore of Conan. I think of it as canon being original (true) time thread, and lore being stories and legends told by the people of that time thead.


Did you say this about the Atlantean sword DLC too, because the movie’s not “canon” either.


If funcom own the rights to Conan and its expanded universe then I do believe what they say is canon. Plus i would say that exiles is canon but we would all have to put on tinfoil hats and draw graphs to connect it all back.


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