Yamatai Katana Thrall Bug

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP/PvE
Region: US
Mods?: No

Bug Description:

When you give a thrall the Yamatai Katana (the one with the yellow handle) and ask it to attack an enemy, they will sometimes get stuck within the dash animation (right-click) and they will not come out of it until they are disrupted (by kick or enemy hit) and will not teleport to you (have not tested rescue feature in follower menu)

Expected Behavior:

They attack the enemy and then move on

Steps to Reproduce:

Give a thrall a Yamatai Katana and get them to attack enemies, they will eventually get stuck in the dash animation


Not sure if it’s only related on the said Katana. I saw similar stuck behaviors on thralls in different occasions.

Looks more like they have some pathfinding isssues when this happens.
The most reliable workaround i found since, is using lovetap on them. Some hits, and they know again how to behave well. And yes, it’s just a workaround, but a fun one, and it’s better than nothing or a stuck trhall. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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This happens with the legendary Musashi’s Black Blade as well. It’s very and immediately reproducible 100% of any extended time with the weapon. They get so badly stuck that they won’t even teleport with extreme distances, even set on follow. They won’t move with manual commands, and setting follow/unfollow does nothing either. I had one stuck in front of Sinner’s Refuge, and traveled all the way to the Broken Bridge at the river, noticed I didn’t have him, rode back, and he was still there stuck. I was able to bump him with my horse and knock him out of the stuck animation which fixed it, then I changed his weapon to something less bugged. I’ll try the truncheon trick if it happens again.

Note that this is possibly related to the shield bug as well. Thralls will get stuck in the block animation periodically with shields and similar things are required.


Hasn’t those type of bugs started after they started to “clear out” some animations, in order to “improve performance”?

Might be only a guess, but after discussing it with other folks on our server (private, but no mods and well moderated) - it does feel like the AI gets stuck trying to call some combos that have already been cleared, thus giving it a “404 - brain not found” error, so to speak.

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Hard to tell, as i said, for me it’s linked to some pathfinding issue at some moment. Why exactly, again, like it may happens with different weapons, and for different players at different moments, not still easy to tell what triggers the event.

Mostly now i avoid shield, and hold my lovetap ready in my inventory for when the bug shows up. Some taps, and mostly it’s fixed for a while again. Wright are also great candidate for an imaginary shield-hold bug. Spooky for spooky, but i mostly like these guys, they’re fun and speed, but had to let them home most time due to this issue.

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