Yeah, its something we all expected. . . again

My ratings as follows since the update:

Weapon changes: 7/10 (Making legendary weapons live up to being ‘Legendary’ is a plus. Two handed axe’s and pike is still too common in PVP)
Stamina Changes: 2/10 (What the hell have you done Funcom :see_no_evil:)
Combat/Lock on: 3/10 (when used in combination with Pike, it is O.P. . Balance is off)
Performance: -5/10 (Yes, that is a negative five out of ten, it is worse now than ever before)
Bugs: 1/10 (Skybase, 1 hit mace, ceiling glitch, all still exist. New glitches exist since update, easier to undermesh).

This was expected tho, 1 item gets fixed, and 10 other items breaks after an update. GG

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