Yellow Lotus and Yellow Lotus Potion feedback

The yellow lotus portion has changed, this is understood. what hasn’t changed is how the yellow lotus stacks, how the yellow lotus potion stacks, and how the yellow lotus potion expires.

As this option no longer is a skill and attribute reset, please change these features to match aloe and aloe potions.

Yellow Lotus plant stacking increase to match aloe: 20 —> 100
Yellow lotus potion stacking to match aloe potion: 1 —> 10
Yellow Lotus Potion weight to match aloe potion: 1.78 —> 0.56 (at least in my solo game)
Yellow Lotus Potion expiration to match aloe potion: set to not expire

Game mode, if it matters is Single Player, public beta test


No need tbh. The yellow lotus stamina buff lasts a while, and takes like seconds to craft. Not having them stack is one less stored item for db health.

not sure how tracking multiple individual potions, each with a separate timer is better for db health than stacks of 10 without a timer.

I disagree with this assessment.


The premise of removing what makes Yellow Lotus Potion unique I think is correct, but what you want to scale it to - Aloe Extract, makes no sense. It should be scaled to other lotus potions.

Stack: 20
Weight: 1.75
Decay: never

As for the Blossoms, they are also not Aloe, but they aren’t the flowers of other lotus plants either. I don’t think the stack size of Blossoms needs to change, though bumping it up to 100 like Aloe, or even 1000 of lotus flowers would be nice for just QOL.


the aloe was easier for me to compare in my single player game. of course, i’d love a non-mod option for stacking in the server settings to allow the server owner or single player to define what quantity makes sense. the yellow lotus is far more commonly available than the other, rarer, flowers. their limited stack was never an issue in the past for me as i never saw their value, not wanting to complete respec after use. never bothered with them. but now that it is a valuable stam booster instead…

Regarding the potion stacks. either works. i just thought the limit of 10 as with the various aloe would suffice as an improvement over each stack being a single potion.

I could live with it not stacking, but the decay timer was not changed. The decay timer on yellow lotus was short to keep PvP players from hauling thousands of bombs and trebuchet parts, and then respecing to a combat build. This is no longer necessary.

As it is, you have to drink it almost immediately after removing it from your Alchemists Bench and you cannot take one or more with you on your adventure.

I’m not sure how long the buff lasts. The buff indicator stays up a long time, but the effect on a character’s displayed stat does not last very long.

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It’ll last until you drink water, which will then bug it out. This bug affects all status effects that give bonus health or stamina.

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Thanks. Do you know if this bug affects just the display or changes the effective health and stamina?

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It affects your actual stats. It is a very old bug that has been around possibly forever, but went mostly unnoticed prior to the Age of Sorcery as buffs that increased health or stamina directly were very rare before the attribute overhaul.

When you consume an item that gives you such a buff, you gain said buff. Then when you drink water or eat food up to max, you gain the full thirst or full hunger bonus which will overwrite the buff. Then, when the buff wears off naturally, the buff is subtracted from your health/stamina, causing it to go negative.

Until (if) this bug is ever fixed, I strongly recommend avoiding any potions or foods that provide bonus health or stamina.

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Thanks. That explains the strangeness I’ve been seeing in the numbers.There goes the basic benefits from Yog, Mitra and Derketo, mystery meat soup, …

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Actually (I’d need to do some more testing to confirm), but I think the Ambrosia and Purified Flesh are safe to use. The reason for this is that they only last for ten minutes, which is the same amount of time that full hunger/thirst bonuses last.

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No the biff has a timer. If removed the decay timer of yellow Nd allowing yet another easy to hiard material, then thats more chests. Which anyone who plays knows definately has short lag when loading in. My pointbis with ease and craft time there is no need for it to be stackable and permanant after crafting.

Should likely also mention that the potion description has not been updated to reflect the new purpose. So, I am guessing it was a last second addition/change, not fully implemented. It would be nice if the bug associated with food/drink resulting in other buffs turning into penalties.

In any case, I believe the potion should not behave as a single stack item with a timer.

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Fixing the bug would be ideal, but Funcom has avoided doing so for years.

When the deep sea fish were first introduced, one of them gave a health buff. Since the fish were a new thing, everyone was using them and the bug got a lot of attention. Funcom’s solution was to remove the health buff.

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While any increase would be welcomed, I personally I would prefer it to be raised to 1,000 so that it is consistent with its other Lotus counterparts.


The decay of the Potion once crafted will be be fixed for AoW release, it will not expire. At least that’s the answer we got from Funcom when we had some questions around the potion.


I normally run a mod to increase stack size, so didn’t want to assume a value. Yes, if the other lotus flowers stack that high, that would be my preference, and make sense too.


I love consistency.

And I’ve always hated that yellow lotus stacks lower and has a different icon/model than all the rest of the lotus flowers.


following today’s update, yellow lotus potion stack to 10, and no longer expire.

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