Yellow Lotus Potion use and Sorcery Progression


I have been playing Conan Exiles for several years.
I am accustomed to the fact that after Updates are pushed out for this game, bugs, and other issues appear, and after some time, most of them are addressed.

However, with the Age of Sorcery update, if a player uses the Yellow Lotus Potion to reset Knowledge Points and Attributes, this breaks game progression.

There are several posts from folks nearly every day reporting issues with Sorcery Progression.

I have had to recreate a character because this happened to me as well, and I could not progress any further.

I have not seen an official statement regarding this issue, nor an official plan of action on how this issue will be addressed.

I find this quite disappointing.
I was rather excited to explore the new content that came with the 3.0 update, but the issue with Yellow Lotus Potion has made this rather difficult.

@Community I would appreciate some sort of formal communication regarding this, if for no other reason to better inform the playerbase.

Thanks for reading.


I find it incredible they make a public news post saying they appreciate feedback on female running animation, yet are completely silent about a game-breaking bug such as this.

Sure, it may be that this is proving difficult to solve, but at least have the curtesy to let community know the issues exists and warn players about it.


Losing all the recipes due to this bug is very annoying, not sure why the bug still isn’t fixed, its been like this for a very long time now…

But it doesn’t break the game… you can still progress and relearn the recipes.

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As I understand it, if you use the Yellow Lotus Potion, the Tome of Kurak disappears, and you cannot pick up a new one.
This prevents one from continuing Sorcery Progression.

I define this as game breaking, as intended progression in the game is prevented by this.

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My bad, I didn’t know you lost your tome and couldn’t pick up a new one.
Can’t you craft it?

As I understand it, no, the recipe no longer shows up when at the Thaumaturgy Bench after using a Yellow Lotus Potion.
Also, If you return to the Cave where you first found it, you are unable to pick up a new one.

Others’ experiences may vary, but this is the scenario I have been reading the most about by folks here on the Forums.

So you’ve never experienced this bug in a “game breaking” way, only read of others’ experiences? Funcom acknowledged this bug and even warned people about it in the patch notes, how much more communication do you need?

From the Patch Notes:

  • Yellow lotus potion (potion of natural learning) might erase acquired feats from Isle of Siptah and from the Library of Esoteric Artifacts.

I personally have used both the yellow lotus potion as well as the natural learning to see what it would do and nothing happened (to me). When a problem in the code is illusive, Funcom needs people to provide details of their experience in order to fix it. Claiming on the forums that Funcom has game breaking bugs doesn’t help. You, my friend, need to exercise more communication in order to help get it fixed.

If you personally have experienced anything regarding this problem, not just what you have read that others experienced, then please do share.

Which platform was it on (if PC, was it Steam, Epic or Game Pass)?
What server type (online or single player), if online was it official or private?
Were you using any mods, if so, which ones?
Which potion did you drink?
What was deleted, or un-learned?
Can you describe in detail what happened when you drank the potion?

Again, demanding that Funcom announce that they are working on a specific problem when they already said they were in the patch notes does not speed up the process. Help yourself by helping them.


hi, yes. it broke one of my characters, which i stated in the first post, which is why I had to recreate my character.

I am also not inclined to spend the time to level another character to get the Tome, and try to break my game again to better document the experience.


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Never drink the yellow potion… Use jehbal reset attributes potion instead !

Not applicable on Siptah without a great deal deal of effort and luck.

I don’t see how using a yellow lotus potion would delete an item. Are you 100% certain of this? Does this happen no matter where the tome is placed? I find it difficult to believe it deletes a tome if left on the thaumaturgy bench, which is where it should be kept as it has no use anywhere else.

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The yellow lotus bug has existed since the beta version of 3.0 and has been reported since then. I have personally had this happen and no, you DO NOT LOSE YOUR TOME and yes you CAN pick up a new one. Unfortunately, this introduces a whole new bug which makes sorcery…far to easy to progress. So, does this break the game? Hardly. Unless you considering making progression vastly to simple game breaking, then in that case yes. However, that is not what you are claiming at all in your anecdotal reports of other peoples experiences.

Considering Yellow potion has been issue since we were able to learn newer feats.

It has over several updates been called out as a not to use item after you got some of rare feats.
Instead using other ones.

The Journey step will take other 2 potions.

Surprised at this point, they havn’t remove the darn thing. Or given it a new effect.

2 better potions that don’t seem cause issue(s)… why keep problem child around this long.

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It appears that some apologies are due on my part.
I made some strong claims in my original post, based on personal experience, and the numerous reports I have been reading on the Forum.

Several folks in the thread were right to call me out for evidence, as reproducible steps leading to a bug, are the only effective means to diagnose and correct an issue.

I sat down last night determined to document this issue in more detail, the results were not what I expected

I had 2 characters that were in the process of learning the Sorcery spells on Official Servers.
I used the Yellow Lotus Potion on both of these characters.
After using the Yellow Lotus Potion, Attributes, and Knowledge Points reset as expected.

Sorcery was not effected, All previously learned spells were still listed, the Tome of Kurak was still in my Thaumaturgy Bench, and the current spell to be learned was still listed.

As far as I could tell, Yellow Lotus Potion use had no negative effect on Sorcery Progression.

I am not sure why/how this occurred on one of my characters, nor why others continue to report experiencing this issue.

At this point, I feel that it must have been a misunderstanding on my part, or some sort of user error.

@Community I apologize for throwing unnecessary ire your way. You and the rest of the Funcom team should be spending time on addressing well documented issues, and not chasing down rabbit holes like the one I created with this thread.

I will be modifying the title of the thread to make it less inflammatory.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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