Yes - mine carts (we have horizontal elevators)

So, we have these cool things called elevators - that move horizontally.
Mine carts - could totally ‘dig’ that. :wink:

Was up north, mining, between the desert wall and new Asagarth - when the idea ‘struck’.

What would the functional difference be?

Well, Im mining - put my stuff in a cart - hit a lever, it drops it off into a bin - comes back.
Sure the bin may have a functional limit - but you can have it rigged so that when its full, you craft, say up to 5 bins at the end, that are on a conveyer sort of rig - and it shifts over, allowing you to be a miner.

I mean, not overkill - like the wheel of pain, not endless, but you can build it out.
(Same a cinematographer with a camera rig… some are vlogging cameras, others are full RED rigged kits to shoot the Hobbit - though some vloggin cameras can look similar! lol!)

point is, this has some pretty cool potential - without it being a ‘cheat’ or overkill.
Just something I would like - doubt it would happen… seriously we would need the crafting menus fixed first, and while that could happen (like they fixed the attributes menu) might not happen. :slight_smile:

Ha, this could be a great addition. You’d have to craft the tracks, craft the cars but imagine the possibilities. On a good day, you can load up the cars and harvest a lot of resources. On a bad day, other players could sabotage the rails and stop the cars and loot the cars. If you ride the car back (which would be awesome) you can stop it along the way to gather additional resources. However, if you’re on a drop and return run it can’t stop unless attacked. Someone on the other end needs to empty it and send it back to you.

Yes…I could totally see a lot of potential with something like this. Hell, you could use it as a means of transport too. To hell with mounts, I’m using my rail car! So many cool things could be done with this idea.

Absolutely LOVE this idea.

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sure. place rails all over the map and tada: conan exiles marshalling yard

I am not really convinced of this idea. We already have problems with foundation and pillar spam all over the map. not sure if we need another building pieces to spam the servers and derail the server performance

maybe as a mod but not for the base game


You might have that problem. I play on three servers and none of them have this problem. If there are foundations around the map that are just…there…get rid of them. It will give you something to do with your bombs. If you’re on PvE and that bothers you, then I guess you need to find a new server.

Personally, I can’t see why “foundation spamming” would be a problem on anything except PvP and on those servers it is easily remedied. On PvE there is no need to land claim since you can’t destroy buildings anyway. So, I’d have to say, “foundation spamming” is not a regular problem. Lone foundations will decay and are easily destroyed.

bombs did not work on pve and the fact that you did not have foundation spam on your 3 servers makes it not a less common problem on pvp (especially for newbies on the server to find a good spot) and pve

and thats only in this forum

Love where you were going with the idea, @dniezby

As far as @Testerle concerns - I don’t know, as I play strict single-player, pve.
I can see that it may cause issues for some serves - at the same time, depending on group/admin, probably would be fine for others.

As far as Mod vs. Base-game feature.
(Love mods in Skyrim… not planning on trying them in Conan, especially with all the recent threads after the latest update) :wink:

Here is my take on it:

  • Lets use Pets/Thralls and the old Feeding system as an example:
    A few of us like the feeding system for pets and thralls - but Funcom literally Nuked it!

  • Why could this not have been an Admin setting?
    For official serves, may “nuke it” but for private servers and single-player, and Admin option… is perfectly legit.

So… for a cart/railing system.
Sure, maybe its not part of a vanilla multiplayer server - but no reason it can’t be an admin option for single-player, or multiplayer/coop private servers.

  • Better support than if it comes out as a mod.

Just my 2 cents. :slight_smile:
I enjoy role-playing, and any added life is cool with me, if it lines up with what is already there, of course.

I think it could be an awesome idea and from the land claim issue make the rails not have landclaim. And give it a use decay that can’t be repaired so eventually you have to replace your rails


I mean, arent they eventually planning to add road building? This wouldnt be too far off “track” for this game to have minecarts and rails.

first time I hear ‘road building’

Not that I know of. However roads can be made now. You just use foundations or ceiling tiles.

Yeah Ive been hearing rumors of one of the sevs having mentioned it as a project being worked on to make roads that semi-self generate along a designated path, or actual craftable road pieces. I found people talking about it when i was actually looking for methods of road building. But i suppose they could be just that, rumors. But they said it was in an interview or something that there was someone on the team working on it if i remember correctly.

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