Yet another feature request

Despite the economies of rocknoses being somewhat lackluster, I personally enjoy farming mechanics. I would like to see more farming mechanics added to the game if possible. Namely pet breeding (with the ability to spawn shade back hatchlings to try to farm their shells), and the generation of demon blood (sorceror thralls should have the ability to transmute blood into demon blood, makes sense to me). I would love to be able to grow spiders, and rocknose (mainly to slaughter for mats). Similarly, it would be neat to be able to transmute plant fiber into vines and vines into branches. There should be a mechanic to generate handful of insects, worker bees, and Queen bees, probably involving the compost heap. I similarly would like the ability to grow mushrooms (this seems fairly straightforward). Being able to have a rare chance to get a single scale of Dagon from fishing, and an oyster, seems appropriate). Etc.

While I understand the motivation to force the player to explore, I think it would be a good idea to allow those of us with a more, grindy predisposition, to be able to stay at our base for most things. Lastly, there ought to be a way to forge frost weapons in siptah. While it seems the intention is to replace frost weapons with grey one weapons, it would still be nice to have the ability to forge such weapons (maybe through a trader thrall or the like?).

Thank you for your time.

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