Yet another game breaking glitch

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: America

I was crafting sandstone walls after they were done my character has these little white squares next to him now in the menu and I can’t craft anything except the default stuff you start with this is game breaking needs attention asap I was gonna post a screen shot to show it but I can’t
-_- also just noticed it’s also on my gui area to like a status effect it’s a white square… I would log out and back in but who knows how long it would take to rejoin with it never showing any servers on the list and losing connection all the time

update! - I was forced to log out and now I’m just refreshing over and over because no servers are showing again plus even if it does show it will most likely be full

update again! - I just received the ability to upload images so here’s the pic I mentioned it’s a little hard to see because my phone sucks but if you look at my character you can see said square s also in the crafting side you can see the default stuff you have when starting a fresh character but I am level 25 with way more items then that

the little white squares are the current effects or buffs that are on your character

it looks like your stats just reset, this can happen if a change is made to stats, or you drank a yellow lotus potion.
if you click on attributes and feats do you have unspent points?
if so try learning everything again.

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhh you might be right if so I’ll remove this post I have no way of telling at the moment because I can never see any servers on the server list do you know anything about how to fix that

nope, :thinking:

if you check the other post it’s a common issue and no where are the devs talking about it