Yet another starmetal rant(PS4)

I’ve seen many people complain they never see meteor showers.I’m also on PS4 in single player;Searched the whole zone,waited and waited on top of the giant statue and nada.Seriously why isn’t there an alternative to learn how to craft starmetal weapons?I just want to complete the journey entry and be done with it.Why make it so annoying?Games are to be fun,not tedious and irritating.This isn’t everquest 1 where you had to camp an area to get your epic or something.Same crap with the slaves,why is it taking so long?Sitting in front of my TV and waiting forever isn’t my idea of fun.The guy who did thids should be placed in the wheel of torture.Please,either fix the shower frequency on PS4 single player or give another way to fill the entry of the journey.PS4 doesn’t have any cheat to create nodes.I used the admin to get starmetal but it didn’t checked the journey entry and I still can’t craft starmetal weapons or armors.With so many topics on this why hasn’t anything be done about it?Don’t bore me with it’s random.Players don’t have just that to do.I wouldn’t mind waiting 10mn between showers but I have yet to see one.The receipe to create starmetal stuff isn’t in the admin commands,at least not on PS4.And since we can’t use mods on console we’re stuck.I have rage quited the game often,I come back from time to time to see if any node dropped near the frozen temple area.Still nothing.

                                                    A pissed and frustrated player.

Well seems venting unlocked my luck.I finally got that entry done.Close the topic,please.Now to get that unique slave and explore the whole map entries and I’ll get the journey done then explore and do stuff like crafting some dlc armors.

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We go specific places and they run like clock work.
If they are not in one place, they will be in one of the other places. I think we are up to 4k reserve. We dont go looking for it any more, just find it and harvest it when we do. Official server BTW.

Yeah I actually found them in the slopes while doing something else.Funny thing is I got the entry just witnessing the shower,I didn’t have to crack open the node.As for the receipe,I had it unlocked in my skill tree and didn’t notice.So all good now,still the mechanic of the thing blows.I can’t imagine people accepting the fact of waiting for hours.That’s just stupid.It’s a game,not a chore.As I said games have to be fun,not a job just sitting there.The slave system also sucks.Why make us wait for so long on console while on PC yhou can put the slider to zero?Console players just getg shafted.I wish I had a gaming PC but for now I can’t buy one.So well so far so good,I can resume playing and will do some other things while waiting for the slaves to transform into named in the wheel.I’ve launched the fabrication process and now it will be 48h and the bar is still halfway.And I have the slider to 0.1 so meh.

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I don’t remember if there was a separate achievement/journey step associated with witnessing the meteor rain itself - “Obtain starmetal” journey step could be done by finding star metal ore in the NPC drops/chests .
Obtaining starmetal in single player is tedious if you don’t run a base near the drops spots and can’t just farm the nodes as they spawn. You can kinda “farm” Mounds for NPC’s for star metal weapons and deconstruct them for later use, while waiting for meteor shower to trigger :roll_eyes:

Star metal is cool and all, but game wise - there are more powerful alternatives to star metal tools / weapons.

If it makes you feel any better, you won’t be able to complete all of the Journey Steps anyways.

  1. There is no mummy of the ring for you to kill
  2. You can’t escape the exiles lands without reseting the journey steps

DO NOT ever play EVE, or any of the other space MMOs.
There are entire clans (called corps) that sit at a point that everyone jumps thru and camps in wait fro days.

My job was to decloak in the middle of them, drop a huge bomb, recloak and wait for the corp to jump thru the gate after the bomb went off. Gate Crashers was are corp name.

Played eve for a while and yes the economy went down the drain and I remember some areas like you mentioned that were camped.Got bored and went to try star trek online,got bored as well then jumped to FF14 which I still play on and off.I haven’t seen campers there besides the beast people dailies sometimes.But the most camped MMO I ever played was everquest 1.Plane of fear disease were camped like crazy in that time period.Yet the community was not nocive like in most other MMOs.They actually invited you to farm faster,didn’t just told you to buzz off.Good old times.

I personally just sit in my hut, craft… mess with menus and anytime I hear whoosh whoosh and theres light show outside my window I head out and look. XD

Its not super common honestly, which is kinda nice… but a shame.

Its uncommon enough, that when you do see it, its Oooooo, Ahhhhhhh Ooooooo this is so cool.
Fits the RP.

Then you have…gameplay side of it… you need it, and it never happens. XD

There was a time when I never got a meteor shower for 2 years(!!!) and one time BANG, 3 in a row. I had to throw most of the bars out after I smelted them because I did not need 3-4 thousands of star metal bars…But I gathered it because STAR METAL!

Another trick: grab a thrall and kill frost giands, cimmerians and world bosses. Those enemies have a chance to get star metal ore, usually a run in the Mounds of the dead and the Temple of frost I got 10 ores which is enough for 5 bars. World boss loot chests contain mainly weapons, you dismantle 'em and you get 3 bars for each weapon.

Bonus: sometimes you get star metal weapons from cimmerians and if you wanted one, you got one! Or just grind it down.

you can change it on ps4 too

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That would be speeding up resource spawning I believe.

That setting should be giving you instant thralls. However in a offline game it doesn’t always work especially if you put them in a wheel and then speed it up. Good luck

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