Yet another undocumented change?

just noticed that food pots (thralls) has less storage i was alaways able to put 4500 (either gruel or honey) in it, now i can only put 3.5k… 7 rows of 5 squares, it used to be 9 rows of 5 squares…

it seems it is another great example of dev communicating to their PR team? .

we are still waiting to hear if that change they did to not be able to loot decayed bases will be reverted… or NOT.
(nvm i just saw the stream where jens said they are looking into ways to add the scavenger thing. ) so thank you regarding that…

have a wonderful week.

I clearly answered the question regarding looting decayed building which Jens Erik mentioned it again on stream.

I checked internally and we have not changed anything regarding food pots.

i cant tell it got changed with the latest patch or a previous one , but it got changed at some point. (you see how important it is to keep detailed track of changes?)

i remember i could put 4500 gruel (45 stacks on each -9 rows of 5- now i can only put 3500 gruel/ honey or 7 rows of 5.

i saw jens erik response over the stream and he said they are working on getting a scavenger mode into the game? or should i say to revert the change back ? hence the last edit i did, which apparently you did not read.

please note , i have not seem your response regarding it, so if you can please share it for reference i will appreciate it. i have no idea what you responded or when you did it, so i apologize for that.

Sure thing, here you go :slight_smile:

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