Yeti Damage Really Low


I have a few yeti that I have from before the leveling system update and they are pretty well useless now, which if fine.

However, I went to get some new ones after the update, and they are still useless. I leveled one to level 4 and it only does 16 damage.

Is this intended?

16 damage vs what armor?

Yeti, frankly, were always useless and more or less just for show. Also, level 4? Get it to level 20 then come complain.

If you are on a non modded server I believe you can control what stats it may earn by feeding it food. Strength for damage and Agility for Armour. One of our regular posters here made a very nice video outlining the foods, called “Controlling Thrall Leveling Percentages Conan Exiles 2019”. Try leveling it up to 20 and see what you get. If that one is not what you desire you can opt to part ways with it and try again until you do get one you enjoy. I can not speak to how strong any of the pets are right now as I too am in the same process as you are. I wish you luck with the stats!

If I check its stats it says 16dmg. 3 Yetis couldn’t even kill a spider.

ps4 confirmed, i just leveled a black yeti to 20, its embarrassing 18 str couldent kill a harryhausen sketeton. considering what a grief those are to get i gotta assume that…mistakes were made.

I feel like it’s ai is worse than the damage. I’m really surprised at how derpy some of it can be. I remember getting a yeti from hanuman and I was so pumped until I just watched it fumble and lag behind every enemy like… how is it that bad

I guess I shouldn’t say worse than damage but I’d rather a snappy ai like the greater hyena than a giant that hits like a truck but barely ever connects an attack.

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