Ymir temple shifted one foundation backwards. and few missing ceiling pieces on my base

ymir, need to check the rest moved itself after the patch hit. :frowning:
i am missing building parts of my base… this could be big troubles, need to check the rest of the base and the rest.

question does the buildings move when upgrading? cause that one i need to remake.

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Hi Palm,

Funcom fixed the issue of the Ymir and Set alters shifting one foundation forward when going through the upgrade from Tier 2 to Tier 3 … BUT the fix was retrospective so it has meant that all the Tier 3 Ymir and Set alters already built have been shifted BACK to where they SHOULD have been placed from launch but haven’t been …if that make sense ?
Rather frustrating to say the least for all of us who had adjusted our builds to deal with the alter shifting in the first place…
This fix came in with the patch early March, not this later one - at least for me I’ve had my Ymir and Set alters back to where the T1 & T2 were sitting since the 2 March patch.


my temple did not moved , until now, maybe it moved in a previous patch but i did not noticed? oh well,

i checked the other temples even some ymir ones aND IT did not move.

i am changing tittle, i thought it would be critical, and will cause problems.

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Probably. What Kwayla reports is correct. It’s an unintended side effect of fixing the issue to begin with of where they would shift forward on upgrade.

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Same thing happened to me.

Original bug, it would shift forward one block. So i destroyed my altar and started a new one, one block back.

Then they patched it, and my altar slid right back off the edge again. At that point, I pretty much threw my hands up in the air and gave up.

Everyone will tell you the Funcom motto is “fix one thing, break another” :wink:

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