Ymir temple upgrade bug

the ymir altar goes 1 foundation block forwards after the last upgrade to tier 3.



This bug has been around for almost 1 year already.

Pve official server PVE

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Thank you very much :slight_smile: I’m reporting this to the team.

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Set does the same thing and has been around for over a year as well. hopefully you can fix both please.

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@Jens_Erik … Hopefully if/when Funcom “fixes” it …it doesn’t break or shift the current t3 alters as people have adjusted buildings to accommodate the new position and might not have space behind it any longer if it automatically moves back.
For example I knew that both Ymir and Set t3 alters will move forward by approximately one foundation block when I placed the tier one … my platform and alters were placed to accomodate this. NOW my t3 Ymir alters has statues and thralls behind it …so no space available if it’s auto-shifted back by a fix from funcom …and knowing what happens when buildings/items can not render after a coding change …it would probably despawn … not at all desirable.

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Unfortunately I can’t guarantee that that won’t happen, but I’ll make sure to add it to my report.

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