Yoctober participation out of contest 😁

My dearest @Spynosaur_Nicole, the reason I participate on your contests is just for the joy of gaming inspiration and fun, I don’t play to win, I play to have fun and this is all I care. This forum is a place that I find a lot of friends, beautiful people and in my heart they are all Asuras chosens! I came up with this little story of building and gaming action which I love equally. I know that by not sending it with the proper way this effort is out of contest, but I really don’t care, I love you guys, you help me have fun and this is my win :blush:.

So it begins…

Nunu felt the need to leave the exile lands, his task to be a teacher of his religion was giving him no joy anymore! He visited me on my ship to inform me about his desire! Nunu is a beloved friend, every time I will deside to return in exile lands, he is the one I visit first, always!
So I gathered for him the pieces for the keystone to remove his bracelet and leave the exile lands.
Nunu however had other plans, he gathered all Asuras brothers and sisters prisoners in my ship and he stole it to sail for Siptah.
He wanted to sacrifice them on the “Yoctober castle” and become Yogs chosen!

So I asked help from Capten Narelle who visited me in the exile lands to take me to Siptah and save my friends!
I searched a lot but I finally find his place of action!

I was late, I didn’t think a lot so I summoned a bat to take me faster up there

Dreadful beasts, undead, was guarding my friends chained on the sacrificial stone. Angre and relief covered me seeing that they are still alive, so I used my angre as weapon to slay all the beasts!

Nunu understand my arrival and took advantage of the situation to summon Yog for help. When I reached him the ritual was still in progress so I charged on him to slay him before Yog appears

Noooooo. It was just a breath away… We are doomed now

Soon enough Yog rizes bringing terror and more undead creatures in the land

Mitra was my only salvation, I couldn’t fight Yog so he came for aid and justice

The avatars of the gods soon fall together in oblivion but I still had to slay the zombies Yog unleashed with his presence

A long fight that finally ended, so I summoned the bat once more to see if my friends were alive. And they hopefully were!

Waiting for my bats aid to help them escape this dreadful castle. One by one glide with my bat in safety

The end!


thanks for helping. They say I’m a pagan don’t believe what they say lol. I liked your images. I am here to immortalize my creations because you never know when you will lose them. :innocent:

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