Yog meat is about to get a decay timer?

I just read in the testlive foruns that they’re planning on adding a decay timer to yog meat (cooked purified flesh). If that’s true, folks, we better raise hell about it on the forms, because the devs only backtrack on stupid ideas when everybody screams HELL NO!


Agreed that sucks they should leave it be and also increase timers on yellow potions.

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According to the TestLive build, Purified Flesh gets a decay of 24 hours. Without a fridge or pot it looks like you’ll optimally lose ~1 per day, per stack in standard storage.

The very low timer on yellow potions was intentional. Too often people were using the potions to remap during a raid or boss battle. Funcom wanted remap to be possible but not to the extent that you could remap at any time. The short decay timer prevents abuse of yellow potions.

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Decay time for yellow potion: ok! (it could be a longer time but ok)
Decay time for yog meat ok!
You can not put a palisade next to another … Fail! (I know this was to prevent the boss farm, but at the same time made this item for base and land defense useless)

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Why the hell even have a yog pit, if not for the non-decaying food? What else does Yog offer?

The feature of yog meat lasting forever has been in the game since the beginning of EA, and I haven’t ever heard a complaint that it was a bad feature. Meat blessed by the god Yog, that doesn’t decay, made sense, and has been really great.

Ninja adding a decay timer yog meat feels like a slap in the face by the developers and makes no sense! Breaking a well accepted mechanic/feature feels like Funcom wants to piss us off. It makes me sick.

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yog meat is worthless, just make a couple fish traps and stove nad use fish strips, much better healing

We are about to get a patch that includes thralls decaying due to a food mechanic. It’s most likely that yog meat (and the similar mitra’s meal) gained a decay timer to prevent an imbalance with the feeding system. If you had a feeding trough full of never expiring yog meat, those thralls may last longer than Funcom feels is best. This becomes even more important with thralls no longer having the limited diet (I don’t know if the any of the thralls in the original systems ate you meat.)

So it was not becausr people asked but to maintain the desired balance on the new food system.

Seems like a fine change to me.

The Yog religion will be utterly worthless now. Breaking one thing to fix another is not good. I know, it’s funcom’s SOP, but I don’t like it. Just leave yog meat alone! If it makes thralls last longer, GOOD! One more reason to farm yog meat.


what was so op about yog steaks?- help me understand this.

Originally the Yog meat didn`t expire even when it was cooked as well as it could be eaten raw without getting food poisoning so it was really helpful for players who wanted to keep food on them that didn’t expire for long travels since you didn’t have to worry about food expiring on you.

so how was that op?

I have no clue to be honest as I only used Ymir so far and well for one thing I think it would come in handy when you are low on food or out of food as just use the Yog cleaver on an human NPC and you get a piece of meat which you can eat there on the spot to heal up or even fill your hunger

Same could be asked about the Hunting Bow being nerfed from 12 dmg to 4 dmg, as well as the rest of Archery getting slammed by 75% across the board.

Funcom makes decisions on how systems work based on how they want them to work. Not every change is meant as a nerf or buff, or adjustment in balance.

Some changes are meant to change how we play the game.

In the case with Archery, they decided to make the game unanimously melee based. That’s what they said in their livestreams. My guess here is they do not wish for us to have non-expiring food. Instead they want for us to keep acquiring food over time.

Not a balance change, but a meta change.

Back in ea Purified flesh did the following

  • restored half food
  • restored half water
  • had no expiry
  • gave health regeneration

It was labeled OP
By Funcom
By players
And since no one was playing with Mitra
Funcom nurfed the health regeneration on Yogs Purified flesh so only Mitras ambrosia gave health
Yog has constantly received Nurfs by Funcom making him completely worthless now.

Hopefully they dont put a decay time on the dreggs boss meat as until its cooked it doesnt expire.

Yog meat is perfect as it is. Very unique, and justifies the Yog Pit. It is the best emergency MRE ever devised.

Religions are useless as it is, except for Set (set mask replacing the storm mask) and the overly OP god…
And Derketo has good farming utilities…
Mitra has good water utilities…
Ymir is… completely and utterly useless!
Crom is the manifestation of Funcom’s official server policies.

Yog? If decay timer on yog is added, then I have found a new spot for the Jhebbal Sag shrine.
Then Yog will join the warpaint club: The Forgotten Box of Ruined Features.


Okay, so I’ll admit to being one of those calling out Yog meat as being potentially too good if you could feed it to thralls (since it doesn’t decay). But the goal was not to get a decay timer on Yog meat, it was to bring the relative scarcity of Yog meat into balance with other foods for thralls, and that has been done and then some.

Or alternately to just make Yog meat not feedable to Thralls. Could easily be explained by Yog not allowing His (Her? It?) blessed meat to be fed to those who hadn’t fought for it. In other words, keep it as a player-only food item.

Having a food item that doesn’t decay was a pretty great thing, it’s not like it was OP in any other way.

ETA, just saw this:

Quoted for f–king truth! Hahaha! You can pray to Crom, but he does not listen!


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