Yog Trainer Missing

Game mode: [Online | official server 3513]
Problem: [ Bug]
Region: [NA]

The yog trainer is no where to be found on this server. there are player built buildings around him. would this kill spawn? if so what can be done since its PvE?

Yes it can be blocked. Report the issue and push as many on the server do the same… also attach Screenshots and hope devs will see it… the solution would be all around trainers to be a no built so they cannot be blocked, but guess noone thought of it yet. :confused:

Yes, building where an NPC or certain mob types, ie, albino bat in the tower of bats, will cause them to despawn. Unfortunately there’s only one location per good to learn their respective religions, only odd duck being Mitra with 2 locals. The devs need to have alternative teachers at Sepermeru, as the entire city inside is unbuildable.

Unfortunately it would take a very vast area to make some of those locations unbuildable. You priest location is just one area where the area to be made this way would be too large.

Not really a small surrounding area at trainers spawn point coul be done for all locations… for example yog trainer should have the place he spawns and the plateau close to mountainside blocked… leaving the plateau close to shattered bridge open

With all the surrounding terrain it woul still be possible to block him off with a slant building instead. Also when trolls are determined to do something to frustrate others, they will figure out a way.

Ofc… they will find a way… that does not means that it should be easy af for em… for me any such action should be followed by a warning. 1st warning should bevloss of all build and placed objects of the player in server along with a message, and 2nd warning should be 2 days grace period to remove all builds that block spawns or permaban from server

Problem is, they’re talking about an official g-portal server, means there’s no moderator to enforce good player conduct, as well it being a pve server, so no one can help out by removing the offender by force. So best bet is for this person to find another server to play on, preferably a paid private server to where the host can fix these situations, or play PvP, tougher yes, but there are people who will prevent this type of behavior out there.

Prevent? U may mean they will tax the trainers for use… the lack of official admin can also work in reverse order for the one who blocks… as he can be blocked and annoyed by all means also (from pets and thralls in his yard up to beeing walled inside his base till he releases the blocked trainer… ) there r solutions… ussually in pve u can talk a player as the community is ussually way more relaxed and friendly

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