You are freaking kiddin' me


It’s like this, I’ve said it before, and I will say it again because I think this is the sad truth; money changed hands. Transaction is done. They don’t need to fix anything else now, because they got what they wanted out of it, our money. So instead of keeping working on this project which is on its last legs, they might as well start developing the next game, before throwing money into this black hole that is Conan Exiles now.

I’ve played PC games since 1999 and PS3 and PS4 since 2014. I swear that this is the absolute worst for me in terms of glitches and bugs. Granted I’ve never played Ark with which people compare CE to, but man… this CE takes the cake and eats it too. Even No Man’s Sky wasn’t this bad, that game was functional, but they lied about what was supposed to be in it at the start. But what WAS in it, it was working. And look at No Man’s Sky now, game is absolutely 100% better, and it will be even more so when NEXT patch will drop on the 27th this month.

Sadly, we can threaten, we can plead, it’s too late now for us. Maybe this will make us be more attentive in the future, when we buy our games with our hard-earned money.


'Course that doesn’t change what it is, it’s a wreck. But if you’re on a sinking ship you need a lifeboat or some floaters or something. Others suggested using a USB to transfer/restore saves. Basically should you decide to give it a go again, it’ll help.

Realizing we should have been playing with backups and a safety helmet on because this is apparently still an alpha won’t bring back all the buildings, items, characters and hours lost though. Many simply dropped the game after encountering these major errors until they are fixed (or indefinitely).

A thing that irks me is when people are talking about the state of the game, many mention ‘‘bugs’’ really lightly and vaguely like what’s happening is something minor like a skirt clipping through armor or a line not being spoken or something. However what’s been happening on consoles is rampant save corruption, asset deletion and bluescreen crashes.

That’s really dire and so absurd any reasonable provider of a product would have been climbing over themselves to prioritize this and apologize for the major inconvenience, but the response has been generic. It’s like putting the car engine breaking down every five seconds on the same level as a scratch on its dashboard


Well, as I said… kids nowadays (I’m an old geezer, I played pong when was a child) gets addicted by buying new contets, new skins , etc etc… even if games does not work?
I can’t change the world instead of “mine”.
I wont buy, ever, anything from Funcom… I maybe not the “right market”, but for me they are dead.


Way I look at it, offline this is very playable - I know that isn’t what some of you wanted from it, but for me I’ve had fun. It’s blue screened twice since release, my base has lost ownership and a save has reset once. Lots of lag deaths oddly all in the jungle, but generally it’s been fun. I’d love the game to be perfect, but as is I can’t complain. I love open world games, so this has scratched many an itch since day one.


you can just account share with a friend i know a guy who hasent paid for a game or ps+ in years because he shares his friends account


didn’t they stop that like last year so how can he share games unless he has his password or his ps is jailed breaked


Yeah, I get you but, I preordered for $25 now it’s $50+, every update has bugs even my offline. Love the game could LOVE it more.


With you but, still holding on to about 39% optimism that 100% game will be 87% FUNCtional. What’s the opposite of production? lol


ps4 pro Us official server the lag is real and 2nd week of august is patch?