You can fill you're water skin from dead bodies of the new event

As title says, I accidentally pressed on my water skin while my mouse cursor was on one of the bodies from the grave matters event, and noticed my water skin goes up instead of down.
It fills the water skin just like you press on any water source to fill it.
Works on any of the new event npc including the taskmaster when dead.
Not sure if this bug, or part of the “new” stuff to come.
Just wanted to share this, maybe you guys can speculate what it means, if any hehe.

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Update: its only working near pirate spot (at exile lands) so it must be bug

Maybe its not the event itself but the response from the water level is too high in that area. Did you try it when the event wasn’t active? I’ll try it next time I’m over there.

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yes you are totaly right, I just cheaked again and it must be the water lvl in this area, nothing to do with the event. thanks.

You can do that everywhere where water level is above ground level. Best example is the Suncen City, every single of the dungeons (prisons?) you press E, you are not thirsty anymore.

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