You can't beat us! PS4 rulers of the server

I issue this challenge to anyone willing to try and destroy us on this official PS4 server (3764):

You can’t beat us. You won’t be able to hide and build. We are unstoppable. Are we cocky?? Yes, but there’s good reason…

I won’t even attack you immediately and allow you to build and get established…

Warning: you and your clan don’t stand a chance.

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lol console players.

I play both PC games and console. There’s nothing on this game that’ll give you an advantage by being on PC (if multi-platform was enabled).

If my team was all on PC, we’d still rule this server.

See you soon.

Nevermind your server is dead. Lol.

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It is a good way to try and revive your server. Maybe offer starter packs to challengers if you need more “enemies”

This is what trash players say if their server is dead and they begg ppl to join their server :wink: How about u join a server i say and lets see if u stand a chance :wink: