You don't like veterans?

Then they don’t get to play on the new map. What exactly is your gripe?

I can accept having to start over on a new map … fine. But I checked out the new healing and temp system on Testlive, and sorry, it sucks. Most food recipes are not worth acquiring or using up the materials to make them. Just about any armor will be good enough to negate temperature effects. Temps inside a shelter went from normal to all over the spectrum of extreme heat and changes just by taking one step in a direction. OK, add a new map, but why change things that were working.

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My Toyota worked just fine, but it didn’t have AWD, so I traded it in. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most food recipes weren’t worth acquiring in the first place. Hell, most legendary weapons out of the skeleton key chests are not worth it.

This is a recurring theme with Conan Exiles. It should be handled better, true, but that doesn’t mean that the changes in the underlying mechanics are bad per se.

As opposed to:

  • having to strip naked to stop freezing
  • having DLC armors with completely ridiculous temp resistances

The nature of the change is welcome. The actual values might need to be tweaked. So let’s use Early Access to help Funcom tweak them.

That sounds like some excellent material for a bug report.

No idea what a Toyota has to do with someone game. But whatever. . :see_no_evil:

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