You failed us again!


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Could be worse. Imagine Funcom making cars or cellphones. Be thankful they only make games


You want to really emphasize the patch problem then go back and find me one large patch they ever did that was actually good and not broken out of the gate. - I dare you.

It’s funcom and they always break their game.

Before the cultist fan boys chime with all games have problems with patches or some such silly nonsense, remember that funcom has been batting 100% broken patches since the end of beta. What’s that now, like about 3-4 years of bad patches? Why change anything if there is no consequence?


As a mod author. If you’re leaving, good riddance.

Today’s updates broke the mods because Funcom changed the API’s and Blueprints in Unreal so us Modders would have MORE options.

For example, they changed how modded hairstyles and faces work. This breaks all mods that mod faces or hairstyles. But you know what it allows us to do? We can assign unique IDs to them so it ensures maximum compatibility when using other mods that do the same.

So if you like having two, three, or more mods modding hairstyles and faces. This is a big boon. It means the mod authors don’t need to waste time talking to each other about compatibility. Funcom made them compatible PERIOD for us. They did the work so modders don’t have to everytime a new one pops up.

This isn’t the only compatibility thing that was added. But it is a great example of what this patch entails.

Funcom speaks to modders directly (we have a discord channel we do this on). They implement changes that modders ask for. They give us updates to help us do what we need to. They even help troubleshoot some issues that crop up in the devkit.

Yet you all sit in here, ignorant as hell and spout this nonsense like little petulant children. Seriously, that is what this is. You are ignorant. Whining because your mods broke. And you don’t have a slender of understanding as of why. Your first reaction is to lash out.

And you all wonder why some modders burn out and leave. Its this right here. This OP right here is the cause. Its his fault and people like him. If he’s on your server, you might want to ban him. If he’s running the server you play on, you might consider seeking a new home. Its not a good person.


because you are able to play the game ? mine is randomly freezing at every step and make game totally unplayable (official server). that is not the first time it happens… testing and qa is not a problem ?

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This thread has nothing to do with officials. But if you want my opinion on the subject, I can give it. But I guarantee you won’t like my solution to your problem as others can attest. But feel free to ask.

Ok I’ll bite. Let’s hear it.

Since you asked. And don’t get mad if you all don’t like this answer.

Shut down the officials.


Sounds reasonable.

What mods do you make? I will never play on a server that uses them, not with the petulance and lashing out you just illustrated.


Good. I forbid you from using them.

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Awwww… Does someone need nappy time?

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I would like nappy time! ^.^ Im confused… what would shutting down officials do to help?

I have been on some servers that are run by some pretty well known modders and even they dont seem to like alot of the updates… I still remember one saying they wont be updating their mod until funcom stops bringing out broken updates so I dont think every modder is quite on the same page :slight_smile:

@Malagant You can actually google Taemien and their mods will show up, I did cos I hadnt seen the name before and I just went through every mod the other day trying to decide on which ones to use xD

Mad respect for all Conan modders though! I can only imagine how frustrating it is :slight_smile:


whoever hid this post needs to be banned period here. This is blatant abuse of the system that myself and others keep talking about. Grow a thicker skin or stop reading the internet if you have to hide peoples posts here because they criticize your favorite game… This guy is 200% right and was far from rude.


I don’t know who did it, but you’re incorrect in this context.

Developer Bashing

Let’s be honest, we are human beings, we are not perfect but we care about the game and we work hard to improve on all aspects. Insults are not tolerated and will get cleaned up. Constructive feedback is always welcome and is very important for us to work on the game in co-operation with our community.


  • Insult:
    • “The thrall system sucks. Fix this ■■■■ or fire your programmers.”
  • Constructive Feedback:
    • I really don’t like how thralls react to enemies. I would love for the system to work as follows [enter idea]
  • Non-constructive feedback/insult:
    • “Nothing works. Your game sucks!”
  • Constructive Feedback:

That’s Funcom’s rule and its their house. If we don’t like it, well you get the idea. But feel free to explain to us how the following:

Are not in violation of that rule? The funny thing is they QUOTE firing people in their example which is what the OP is doing. Its almost like he read the rule and decided to break it on purpose. And we’re supposed to be outraged his post got hidden?

Or you following some archaic idea of ‘manning up’ and allowing little infractions go because its fun and hip to bash devs? Come on now.


I agree on the point that his post should have been more constructive. But his anger is a result of something…

Should you be relaxed and not offended if you would buy a brand new car, and a wheel is missing. Seems that when they tested the car, they saw that the 4th wheel was not installed, and it was reported, but still they shipped the car to the dealer and he gave it to you in this condition. What would you’re responce be if I may ask ?..

For my little opinion… It’s fun to have new content, but it would be more fun when it would be tested more and released when most bugs are resolved ( there are always bugs sneaking through the net).

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I’ve worked customer service before. If someone came in irate and asking people to be fired, and just throwing insults. They get kicked out and told not to come back. Customers that didn’t do that got helped with everything they needed.

Do you find it acceptable for someone to tell a waitress she doesn’t care about the customers and needs to be fired because she brought the wrong plate? Because I do not. I’ve stood up for hard working service people who get shat on by ugly rudeness. And I do not regret doing so.


If the waitress brought me a wrong plate, nope, just would point that out.
If the waitress brought me a wrong plate, knowing that she has been told it’s the wrong one I wouldn’t be happy

And also worked on a customer service and even our iratated customers recieved full help as they are our customers. I teach now, and yes even the iratated and loud kids get attention and are helped to be better in resolving things.


A lot of the player base has left because of these problems. silence people’s posts all you want. but the servers are getting empty. It’s time to fix things before it is too late Funcom.
You have a good concept, please don’t squander it into non existance


Well said.